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Our company name, Castle Hill Strategies, pays homage to the resilience of the Bronx neighborhood where our founder Rosy Gonzalez Speers spent her formative years and celebrates the tenacity of those who overcome obstacles to achieve their goals. At C.Hill, we do more than public affairs and communications- we are a catalyst for change

Our grit, determination, and resourcefulness show up in the results we deliver for our clients. Our approach is grounded in our core belief that success is a team sport. That’s why we’re passionate about taking on causes and clients we truly believe in. From supporting political campaigns to advocating for black and brown independent contractors’ access to better wages and benefits, we love standing up for the underdog. Most recently, we’re thrilled to have contributed to the historic election of Wes Moore as Maryland’s first black Governor, and the re-election of the youngest black congresswoman in history, Lauren Underwood. 

Our Founder and CEO

Rosy Gonzalez Speers is a long-time political operative and strategist who has worked on Democratic campaigns across the country. Notably, she was Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s Finance and Political Director and helped manage his political committee. Rosy has been working in democratic politics for nearly 15 years. She is a Principal at AL Media and has operated as a general consultant for a decade,  building and executing strategic plans for campaigns, corporations, and non-profits. 

Whether it’s managing multi-million dollar media budgets for the Florida Democratic Party to managing the national surrogacy of Massachusetts’ first Black governor to managing crucial ad campaigns for an underdog Black Congresswoman from Illinois, Rosy has used her skills of organization to deftly navigate systems that oftentimes resist change. But she’s used to fighting for and winning a seat at the table.

Raised in the Bronx to working-class Dominican parents, she moved in middle school to tiny Somersworth, New Hampshire, and was raised with her two sisters by their single mother. It was there she got her first real taste of maneuvering within different cultures, and the two different Americas. She also got her first taste of politics, winning a write-in campaign for class president.

Rosy is a first-generation American from the Dominican Republic. She graduated from Simmons College in Boston and attended the Arabic Language Institute in Cairo, Egypt.  Rosy lives between Boston and Miami with her husband Chris, little boys Mateo and Lucas, and their dog Enzo.

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